How To Remove Scars – Best Tips

Tips To Remove Scars At Home….


Egg whites:

You can use egg whites to make a face mask, the nutrients in the egg whites excellently aid treatment for acne scars and pimples.

Wheat Germ:

This natural food is sweet and contains all the necessary nutrients for the skin.Applying this treatment regularly can restore skin to its previous state to the scar caused by acne.

Acne scars deformed and damaged skin, so in order to restore skin to its previous state, it is important to regularly apply the treatment of Wheat Germ.  how to get rid of scars fast

Baking soda:

Sodium bicarbonate is used to exfoliate the dead skin tissue as a dermabrasion treatment 100% natural.

This treatment is the most economical of this type and you can make at home. Mix baking soda (no more than a tablespoon) with water to make a paste of it, gently message The affected area with the paste, let the paste on the skin for an hour or so, then wash the area with water . To restore flexibility, stiffness and smoothness of your skin, you can use a natural moisturizer like olive oil after treatment with sodium bicarbonate.


The acidic elements containing lemon juice help break and exfoliate acne scars, so new healthy skin tissue can grow in its place. You must squeeze the juice of a lemon, and then use a cotton swab to apply the juice on the affected area, if you sink too, add some water to dilute the mescla and not be so strong.
 Lemon is an excellent ally of the skin because it is rich in vitamin C, can also eat other fruits rich in vitamin C, such as oranges, pineapples, papayas, etc. See more information on how to effectively eliminate scars caused by acne naturally, with the best available guide on the market. more info